Yoga systems are like exquisite gemstones strung on a common thread to create a web, a tapestry, of breathtaking beauty. This evolution of yogic understanding; that yoga systems are created as progeny of the yoga systems that have come before them, goes back for thousands of years. Today that tradition continues with such systems as Anusara yoga. Like a fine ruby or an ideal-cut diamond, Anusara stands on it’s own as a centerpiece of radiance and splendor, yet it’s inspired and informed by the individual mineral content that creates it’s particular luster, color and luminosity.
Anusara aspires to a Tantric philosophy of intrinsic goodness that recognizes and celebrates the divine heart in each student and reminds us to express ourselves from this divine place. This open-hearted attitude, coupled with, “Universal Principles of Alignment”, a brilliant recognition of repeated patterns of structure within all bodies; young and old, slight and strong, fluid and tight, are the principle pillars on which Anusara rests its resounding success and popularity. When applied to yoga poses; standing, twisting, sitting, inversions, hip-openers and backbends, these alignment principles allow students to safely experience asana practice to a depth that you have never before realized.
Anusara teachers have to go through what is arguably the most highly demanding yoga certification process available today. Any class that calls itself “Anusara” is going to be a deeply transformative experience with a teacher of the highest caliber. Anusara serves all levels and ages of students from any spiritual discipline while honoring students who currently study other yogic disciplines. 
Anusara classes are open to anyone who desires to enhance their health and happiness, anyone who believes that they can magnify the potential of their moment-to-moment experience, anyone that knows they have the capacity for greater vibrancy and joy in their lives.
We warmly welcome you to experience this dazzling and plenteous Jewel that we call Anusara.